Is Baylor wearing black uniforms to protest Art Briles firing?

Baylor remains completely void of self-awareness and will protest the firing of coach Art Briles by wearing all-black uniforms

The allegations against the Baylor Bears football program under the watch of then head coach Art Briles are staggering in the worst ways. After the Pepper Hamilton law firm’s investigation and subsequent reports revealed numerous instances of sexual assaults and domestic violence that went either unreported or were inadequately investigated, Briles rightfully was shown the door.

Even if the players currently on the roster (for the most part) had no part in these incidents that led to Briles’ firing, they have to understand the seriousness of the matter. Briles was supposed to be the head of the football program and this indefensible behavior couldn’t be ignored once it came to light. However, as they have throughout, Baylor remains quite lacking in self-awareness.

According to ESPN’s Brett McMurphy, the Bears will be wearing all-black on Saturday’s game against TCU in protest of the school firing Briles. While the fans and students have been encouraged to wear green, Julie Hayes of KWTX in Waco reports the same about the players wearing black in support of their former head coach:

The tweet from Baylor wide receiver Chris Platt isn’t viewable as his account is private. However, there is a screenshot of his message (via Elika Sadeghi):

Credit: Twitter (screenshot)

Credit: Twitter (screenshot)

Update 11:30: The all-black uniforms are because Baylor is playing a rival and not to protest the Briles firing, per Baylor receiver Chris Platt, via Brett McMurphy.


If you’re a young man who was recruited and mentored by a coach in college and you had nothing to do with the allegations against the Baylor program, it’s a tough situation. In fact, it’s even somewhat understandable as to why you’d be unhappy about Briles’ firing.

However, that doesn’t make this move any less tone-deaf. What happened at Baylor with Briles as the head coach is inexcusable and disgusting. He had to go, without question. These players need to realize that and not make the school and program look worse as they try to move on from this entire debacle.