Kirk Cousins references Rick and Morty with an “ooh-wee” (Video)

From the man who brought us “You like that?” comes another Kirk Cousins Vine that will live on the internet forever. Cousins likes Rick and Morty. Ooh-wee!

Things are going over pretty swell in the nation’s capital, or at least with their professional football team. The Washington Redskins are a strong 5-3-1 football team with NFC Playoff aspirations in 2016.

They are getting great play from their starting quarterback Kirk Cousins, who needs to get a multi-year extension with the franchise. His team upended the Minnesota Vikings at home on Sunday, 26-20.

Last year, Cousins gave us the famous “You like that?” Vine after beating the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Now the world knows that beating the Vikings at home can get an “Ooh-wee!” out of the Redskins starting quarterback.

“Ooh-wee!” is the popular catch phrase of Mr. Poopy Butthole on the Adult Swim cartoon show “Rick and Morty.” Mad scientist Rick Sanchez gets into all sorts of shenanigans with this grandson Morty Smith on this Adult Swim show. It resonates with millennials like Cousins.

Where “You like that?” had an overall aggressive tone, “Ooh-wee!” is purely comical coming from Cousins. It’s not like Cousins or the Redskins have a ton to prove this season. They won the NFC East last year and Cousins doesn’t have to fight for his job as a starting quarterback in the NFL.

The Vikings are in complete free fall after starting the year out 5-0. Minnesota left FedEx Field at 5-4 after Cousins and the Redskins took care of them in a tight mid-November ball game.

Is Cousins going to hit up Shake Shack as he so often does after ‘Skins victories? He seems to be having a blast quarterbacking Washington this season. His team is playing well and Adult Swim definitely has to like Cousins giving mad props to Rick, Morty, and Mr. Poopy Butthole. Ooh-Wee!