Pokemon Sun and Moon drop a few more reveals, including Z-Moves

Image via Nintendo/The Pokemon Company. Still from trailer.
Image via Nintendo/The Pokemon Company. Still from trailer. /

Ahead of Pokemon Sun and Moon releasing later this week, another trailer reveals Z-Moves and an ability to acquire a special Greninja.

This Friday, Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon will hit the market. Just four days, can you believe it? However, that doesn’t mean that new information hasn’t continued to surface about new Pokemon, new Z-Moves, and more Ultra Beasts. Check out the latest trailer below:

First, we now know the Z-Moves for each starter Pokemon. Primarina can use Oceanic Operetta, continuing the theme of the fine arts with the Water-type. Meanwhile, Incineroar will use Malicious Moonsault, conjuring up a wrestling ring out of nowhere to drop on opponents. Finally, Decidueye will have Sinister Arrow Raid, which sadly has no alliteration but still looks pretty cool.

Furthermore, the trailer showed off the ability to acquire an exclusive Greninja. According to the Sun and Moon website, you’ll need to play the Special Demo Version of the game, currently available on the eShop. The Greninja will join a Magearna and a Munchlax as a special trio of promotional Pokemon for the release window.

Additionally, another Alolan Form of a classic Pokemon debuted. Alolan Diglett and Dugtrio have different-colored hair, with the Dugtrio sporting some luscious blond locks. That lends itself to Dugtrio’s new skill, Tangling Hair, which appears to lower an opponent’s speed after a physical attack.

Finally, two more Ultra Beasts debuted. These Ultra Beasts seem to pose a threat to the region of Alola, and it looks like players will have to fight them at some point. This trailer revealed UB-03, Lighting (not a typo, we swear), and UB-05, Glutton. UB-01 and 02 have already been revealed. Why’d they skip UB-04, incidentally? Perhaps its appearance constitutes a major spoiler.

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Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon hit the shelves on November 18 for the Nintendo 3DS.