NFL Rumors: Broncos are a preferred landing spot for Tony Romo

ARLINGTON, TX - SEPTEMBER 25: Injured Tony Romo
ARLINGTON, TX - SEPTEMBER 25: Injured Tony Romo /

 If the Dallas Cowboys make an obvious decision to trade Tony Romo, he may already be making a list of teams he’d like to go to.

Barring  injury or a significant drop-off in his level of play, Dak Prescott will stay in place as starting quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys. Tony Romo will be in uniform as the No. 2 quarterback on Sunday against the Baltimore Ravens, for the first time this season, so the proverbial plot has gotten thicker now that he is healthy enough to suit up.

Romo conceded last week that Prescott is the Dallas’ starting quarterback going forward, and he will fall in line as the backup. But he also pointed to the competitive fire he still has, and a desire to play. No matter what happens over the rest of this season, Romo’s salary virtually assures he will be in another uniform in 2017.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Network has reported that Romo will have a significant say in where he is traded, since a contract restructuring will have to happen. On that note, Rapoport has named a team Romo may have his eye on.

The Broncos are an easy fit for Romo, with a top-tier defense and a possible need for an upgrade under center heading into the 2017 season. Trevor Siemian doesn’t seem to have any long-term staying power as Denver’s starting quarterback, and rookie Paxton Lynch may need a another year before he’s ready to start. Romo would be an ideal bridge quarterback, assuming he can stay healthy, as an upgrade over Siemian and a veteran presence to mentor Lynch.

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It goes without saying the Broncos would be on a fairly long list of teams with possible interest in trading for Romo next offseason. Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones claimed there has been “no consideration” to Romo not being back with the team next season, but that public stance is not surprising or especially believable. If Romo wants a clear path to a starting job, Denver can offer that opportunity and the Cowboys could get an early-round draft pick in return.