Lucifer season 2, episode 9 recap: Homewrecker

Tom Ellis in Lucifer
Tom Ellis in Lucifer /

Lucifer finds himself in the middle of another father-son battle, but this time it isn’t his own. Find out what happens in this week’s Lucifer recap, “Homewrecker.”

Lucifer and Amenadiel are taking one of those LA sightseeing tours. They’re seated on the top level of the bus while the dreary tour guide drones on. Lucifer tells his brother that he should embrace their new home, but Amenadiel says he and their mother are going to find a way back to Heaven. Lucifer says LA has so much to offer, right as the tour guide talks about the store that sells purses to hold purse-sized dolls. Lucifer grabs the mic and starts giving a better tour, talking about the darker aspects of the city, including his nightclub.

Later, during his therapy appointment with Dr. Martin, Lucifer says he can’t understand why Amenadiel isn’t embracing the city. She says that Amenadiel hasn’t been there as long as Lucifer has, and Lucifer loves the city. She asks if Lucifer is running from something here in LA, or looking for something.

Chloe chases Lucifer out of the throne belonging to the man who owns a ton of real estate in LA, including the building where Lux is located. Suddenly, Lucifer gets a text from Maze saying there’s a problem at Lux. When he goes to see what’s happening, he finds out that he’s being evicted.

Eric Cooper, the son of the dead Dean Cooper, is taking over the company even as the investigation goes on. Lucifer says Dean made a deal with him, and Eric says it isn’t legally binding. If Lucifer doesn’t leave, then he will call in the police. When none of Lucifer’s tricks work, Maze steps in and tells Eric to leave. She then tells Lucifer that this is all his mother’s doing in an attempt to push him out of LA. She says that if Lucifer won’t listen, she’ll find someone who will.

Unfortunately, Amenadiel doesn’t believe that Charlotte did this either. While Maze explains it all to him, Charlotte appears behind her and tells her that she didn’t have anything to do with it. Maze still suspects that she’s involved, and she leaves with the intention of figuring it out. Once Maze is gone, Amenadiel asks if Charlotte was involved, and she says she isn’t, but she also thinks they can use this to their advantage to convince Lucifer to come home with them.

Ella manages to put the glass that killed Dean back together. She triumphantly shouts in Klingon, which stops Chloe in her tracks. Dan shows up and says that Dean Cooper had no rap sheet. She asks if he can help her with a case, and he asks about Lucifer. He calls to say that he thinks Eric Cooper is the killer, and while she’s talking to him, the prints on the glass come back as Eric Cooper’s.

Chloe meets Lucifer at the Cooper Building. She makes him promise to behave on this high profile case, and he pledges his good behavior up until Eric Cooper’s body plummets from the sky and onto a parked car.

Lucifer and Chloe go to Eric’s house and meet his wife, who hovers over his bandaged body. Eric wakes up and says that his father ran the business into the ground, so he was trying to sell the property off as quickly as possible but it was too late. The deal to sell the property had been on Dean’s desk for years, but it was too late to make any difference in saving the company. That’s why Eric jumped. He says the new buyer is Eleanor Bloom.

Charlotte interrupts another lawyer while he’s in the men’s room and asks about one of his clients, one who specializes in making bombs. She says she’s going to remove him from the case so that he can find a way to get him to help her make her son come back to her. She throws him against the wall to change his mind.

Upon visiting Eleanor Bloom, it’s clear that she’s a savvy businesswoman. She wants everything that Dean Cooper once had, and then she wants to destroy it. She wants to knock down Lux and build a mega mall. Chloe says that interfering with a murder investigation can tie up construction, so Eleanor finally admits that her accountants did find some shady numbers when going through their books. Someone was hiding money.

Chloe continues to work on the case as Lucifer pledges to make Eleanor’s life a living hell. He’s upset that Chloe isn’t working harder to save his home, but she says they have to get it done the right way. Meanwhile, Dan interrogates the bomb maker, who was using pizza delivery as a code for making bombs. Charlotte shows up and says she’s his new lawyer, and she intimidates Dan and insults his intelligence before he leaves. What she really wants to know of her new client is whether or not he knows how to bring down a building.

Lucifer arrives at Lux as the movers are trying to pack up his piano. He decides to throw a protest party instead, and when Charlotte arrives, she asks Amenadiel what’s going on. He says they’re protesting, and she says she’s there to blow up the building. Amenadiel is shocked at the thought of her doing that. Charlotte tries to play nice and tell Lucifer that she’s going to support him even though she doesn’t agree with him. He in turn introduces her to Dr. Martin, who thanks her for all of the work she did creating everything. She knows Charlotte desperately wants to know about their sessions, but Dr. Martin is way too smart.

Chloe continues the investigation by interviewing a private detective who had been receiving hidden payments from Dean. He says he’s the guy you pay to see who you can trust by tempting the suspects to see if they’ll take the bait. Dean wanted to know who he could trust. Dan interrupts and says that there is an illegal party at Lux.

The police show up at Lux and turn off the music. Chloe intervenes and says she’ll handle it, and Lucifer looks crushed that she’s there to kick him out. She tells him to turn the music back on. She has always been on his side. Elated, Lucifer grabs her and brings her onto the dance floor while Charlotte watches. Based on Dr. Martin’s approving smile, it’s clear that Lucifer really likes this particular human.

Later that night, Chloe works on the investigation and says that there has to be something that’s missing. Lucifer talks about the history of his building, and in the process Chloe has a revelation about what happened and believes she knows who Dean was investigating. She asks Lucifer for his help, and he’s happy to oblige after she reminds him that the police won’t be there for at least a day and Eleanor Bloom’s movers are all passed out.

Maze finds Amenadiel watching Charlotte as she waits for a secret meeting. As it turns out, she’s there to meet with Dan. “I did not see that coming,” Maze says.

Lucifer interrupts Simon as he’s working a woman to see if she’d cheat on her husband. Chloe is right that Dean hired Simon to find out if Christy was faithful to his son. Dean wanted to make it look like Christy was cheating on Eric, but nothing worked. This made Dean furious. Lucifer calls Simon a professional homewrecker and wants to punish him, but Chloe stops him.

Dan is surprised that Charlotte asked him out, and he says he’d been a little gun shy about dating. When Dan explains that he and Chloe broke up over a guy she was talking to, Charlotte figures it was Chloe. She gets up to leave, and Dan feels horrible about oversharing about his ex, not realizing that Charlotte is just using him for information. She says she has some time, so she kisses him and leads him away.

Maze and Amenadiel were watching this entire exchange. Amenadiel doesn’t want to think anything bad is happening, but when she leads Dan away, he cringes. Maze thinks it’s all very funny.

Later, while Dan sleeps, Charlotte calls the bomb maker and asks for enough of a charge to kill a single person. And she’s going to do the job herself.

Chloe and Lucifer return to Eric’s house and ask if Christy was with him when his father was killed. He says she was out scouting venues for the wedding. She comes in and wants to know why the police are there after Eric had been cleared. Chloe mentions the evidence, and Eric jumps in to say that he killed his father. But then Christy says she did it. They decide that as long as they’re together, it won’t matter if they both go to jail.

Lucifer sits at his piano in an empty nightclub when Chloe walks in. He sent everyone home. He says that he’s done fighting, but he can always rebuild somewhere else. Chloe smiles and presents a certificate showing that the building has been named a heritage building. She pulled a few favors from a friend. Lucifer is so touched that he doesn’t know what to say, so he asks her to dinner to thank her.

The next day, Lucifer talks to Dr. Martin about the breakthrough. She thinks that he came to Los Angeles to find something, and that something might be Chloe. But why is it that he hasn’t shown his true face to her? Is it because he’s afraid she won’t accept him?

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Clearly, Dr. Martin’s words cut deep, because Lucifer stands her up and instead sits and contemplates his next move. However, Charlotte is already plotting her next move, and it’s holding the detonator on the bomb under Chloe’s car.

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