No Man’s Sky data mine reveals future planetary vehicle

Courtesy of Hello Games
Courtesy of Hello Games /

No Man’s Sky is popular once again due to the recent Foundations update. Those who have come back into the Hello Games fold should stay tuned, for more seems to be on the horizon.

When Hello Games announced the update, they said the name Foundations came from the idea of “putting in place a foundation for things to come.”

Redditor eegandj has proven that Hello Games was telling the truth. In a recent Reddit post, he detailed how a journey into No Man’s Sky game files revealed what looks to be the source code for a land vehicle. He also found evidence of tire track textures.

Through some sort of magic I do not understand, eegandj put together a model in the actual game from what was found in the game files. Check it out in the video below.

While the model looks a bit more like a wheel rack as opposed to a working vehicle, this is a viable glimpse into future No Man’s Sky content.

To further affirm the possibility of a future land buggy, eegandj also found textures that could point to the existence of a specialist terminal focusing on vehicles.

The game currently features terminals for construction, weapons, science, and farming. These terminals are built within home bases or freighters, and give the player access to new technology and construction materials. It would make sense for a land vehicle to also come with its own terminal, so that players can customize and improve their vehicle as they unlock better technology.

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As to whether or not the addition of a land vehicle is a good move for No Man’s Sky, it’s hard to imagine anything but a positive response. One of the many complaints about the game was how excruciatingly slow on-foot exploration felt. You could run for short bursts at a time, but once your stamina ran out it was back to the slog of walking. The ability to drive around in a vehicle would allow quicker and farther exploration on planets, while making you feel like an off-roading rebel. And that feels like a win-win.