Cowboys at Vikings: 3 things we learned


Here’s what we learned from the Dallas Cowboys and Minnesota Vikings on Thursday.

The Dallas Cowboys aren’t known for doing well in the month of December, but this team isn’t the Dallas of old. On Thursday, they improved their winning streak to 11 games after a tough 17-15 road win over the Minnesota Vikings. Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott did just enough to help the boys pick up another win. Here’s what we learned.

3. Another terrible close loss for the Vikings.

There is perhaps nothing worse than losing close. Some fans might prefer a blowout. For the second straight week, the Vikings and their fans have to suffer the agony of a very close loss. Minnesota could have sent the game to overtime, but missed on a two point conversion. The Vikings played quite well and perhaps deserved a better fate. But as the saying goes, “close only counts in horseshoes, corn hole, and hand grenades.”

2. Dak Prescott is impressively amazing at not turning the ball over.

Rookie quarterbacks can be quite prone to mistakes. They tend to throw interceptions and make questionable decisions due to their lack of experience. Dallas quarterback Dak Prescott didn’t get this memo. Though he didn’t have an impressive stat line, the difference in Thursday’s game was simple. Sam Bradford threw an interception while Prescott didn’t. The Cowboys rookie has ice in his veins.

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1. Dallas can win ugly

One of the markings of a great team is finding a way to win. Great teams can win even when they don’t play their best game. Dallas didn’t get 200 yards from Prescott nor 100 yards rushing from Ezekiel Elliott. But it didn’t matter. For once, the defense stepped up and had the offense’s back. This is the type of football Dallas has to be able to win if they want to win the Super Bowl.