Fandom 250: The cutting room floor (NBA edition)


Today, FanSided unveiled The Fandom 250, a project that has been months in the making. Here are FanSided we cover so many sports and entertainment niches, and with an eye on the fan experience, that it made sense to try and compile a list of the 250 best fandoms across sports and entertainment. The list is ranked, of course, because we all love rankings, and is meant to represent the present tense. A year ago, or two years into the future, the list might have looked very different.

Ultimately, 13 NBA-related fandoms made the list — Kobe Bryant, Seattle SuperSonics, Cleveland Cavaliers, Boston Celtics, LeBron James, Los Angeles Lakers, Golden State Warriors, New York Knicks, Michael Jordan, San Antonio Spurs, Stephen Curry, Chicago Bulls, Chicago Bulls, Toronto Raptors. For the final order, you’ll have to check out the entire list.

It’s hard to disagree to strenuously with which fandoms where chosen to represent professional basketball, although feel free to argue your brains out about the ordering of Kobe-LeBron-Jordan-Curry. Still, here at The Step Back we feel like we represent a more niche and group of NBA fans, those with a certain set of acquired tastes. For that reason, we have assembled a list of NBA-related fandoms that we might have liked to see included had the list been done over.

  • Fans of Jordan Crawford
  • Fans of Isaiah Thomas’ knowing smile
  • Fans of Andrea Bargnani jokes
  • Cultish worshippers of Anthony Randolph’s enduring potential
  • Fans of Kevin Willis’ biceps
  • Fans of Sir Foster
  • Fans of sleeved jerseys (just kidding, those people are morons)
  • Fans of jump-shooting teams who can’t win the title
  • Fans of PUJITS
  • Fans of GIFs of people dancing with NBA player’s heads photoshopped in
  • Fans of memes involving Lance Stephenson blowing in LeBron’s ear
  • The unfortunate souls afflicted with the still incurable Jimmermania
  • Fans of Walt Frazier’s suits
  • Fans of Jeff Van Gundy’s proselytizing
  • Fans of NBA cats
  • The secret society of people who come up with plans to fix Hack-a-whoever
  • Fans of J.R. Smith

Feel free to let us know what else we’re missing!