NFL Podium Fashion: Cam Newton Got Benched For Being Cam Newton


As we get deeper into the NFL season, it appears as though players have gone deeper into their bag of tricks when it comes to the postgame podium, where star players — particularly Antonio Brown — are bestowed with the opportunity to style and profile like Ric Flair, inevitably setting Twitter ablaze in an effort to get the attention of big brands so as to finally cement that elusive endorsement gig from a mattress company in Japan.

Sadly, we’re still waiting for some flashy showman to take it to this kind of next-level intensity.

Yes indeed, sir.

But make no mistake about it, this weekly onslaught of styles includes all walks of life, led by fashion-forward trailblazers such as Andrew Luck, who clearly doesn’t give a shit and never will give a shit.

As we’ve come to learn over the years, sometimes the ensemble works:

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Unfortunately, only Teflon Von and very few others could pull something like this off, so it’s not uncommon to see that — at times — the ensemble most certainly does NOT work; like last season when Joe Haden honored fearless Jedi, Obi-Wan Kenobi.

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Good intentions don’t always lead to pleasing results.


No Marcus Mariota? Are you freaking kidding me? This is all but confirms his mesmerizing “Movember” mustache will be gone when he reemerges in Week 14.

There was an outside shot it would’ve still been there had the Titans played yesterday.

As always, screw the NFL.

Oh, and the Cleveland Browns had the week off as well. I know, I know. Crushing stuff.

See ya’ next week, Ralph.


As for those who did take the field this week, these are their stories


This week has proved to be an extra special week. Benched for a clothing violation?

Clothing violations are a thing?

No really, you bench your star QB because he wore a flashy belt; or perhaps didn’t wear a flashy belt?

Nice work, Ronald.

Of all the people to be punished for their fashion sensibilities, we’re gonna go after Cam Newton?

The Panthers are a well deserved, 4-8 mess.


These Deion Things

Dude, stop. Just STOP.


It’s no so much an annoying thing, it’s a creepy thing.


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