NFL finds no wrongdoing by Steelers in DeflateGate 2

The NFL reportedly doesn’t see any wrongdoing by the Pittsburgh Steelers after being accused by the New York Giants for deflate footballs in DeflateGate 2.

Shortly before kickoff on Sunday afternoon in Week 14, FOX Sports’ Jay Glazer dropped a bombshell about the New York Giants accusing the Pittsburgh Steelers of using under-inflated footballs in their Week 13 matchup in Heinz Field. The world was on the cusp of DeflateGate 2…

However, minutes after kickoff on Sunday afternoon, the NFL dispelled the rumors of the Steelers using deflated footballs in their Week 13 win over the Giants.

If the Giants never actually filed a complaint about the Steelers using deflated footballs in last week’s game, then DeflateGate 2 might have been just an hour long phenomenon in the NFL.

The question is who inside of the Giants organization tipped off Glazer about this? It’s not a good look for the Giants to clearly have somebody inside of the organization crying wolf and using the DeflateGate argument for their pitiful performance on the road last weekend.

What made this accusation seem so strange is that the Mara and Rooney families who own the Giants and Steelers respectively have intermarried over the years. Why would New York want to sink essentially its AFC counterpart? They only play each other once every four years except for the odd chance they are matched up in the Super Bowl.

Maybe the NFL is just going to nip this in the bud before the world has to deal with another DeflateGate fiasco. DeflateGate was a two-plus year agonizing saga that would just not go away. The NFL tests the PSI of the footballs used in its games, but reportedly does it infrequently. With both New York and Pittsburgh pushing for the playoffs, thankfully this story was short-lived.