Overwatch’s Winter Wonderland is here

Courtesy of Blizzard
Courtesy of Blizzard /

There’s snow better time to play Overwatch than right now.

Overwatch’s holiday event has officially begun.

From Dec. 13 to Jan. 2, the game will be decked with snow, Santa hats and boughs of holly as part of Overwatch’s Winter Wonderland.

To celebrate the seasonal event’s arrival, Blizzard released a trailer for it. Watch it here:

From the trailer, it is clear that Torbjorn is the official Santa Claus among the heroes. We also see Tracer as an elf, Lucio in a Santa hat and Mei in her own version of the Santa outfit, perhaps channeling something like a Mrs. Claus.

At the very end of the trailer, most of the characters in the game come together for a large group shot, each sporting their special skin that comes with the winter event. While it’s hard to get a good look at all the new skins from the trailer, there is already a post on Reddit with a compilation of screenshots featuring all the new skins.

But wait, there’s more! In addition to new unlockable skins, voice lines, highlight intros, victory poses, sprays, and emotes, there will also be a special winter-themed brawl. Here is the description, according to Blizzard:

"Face off in a frigid fight to the finish with Mei’s Snowball Offensive! In this 6v6, single-elimination brawl, teams of Meis utilize modified Endothermic Blasters to fire super-powered snowballs to take down enemies in a single hit. Reload at the nearest snow pile, and once your ultimate is charged up, mow down the competition with the semi-automatic snowball launcher!"

People said they wanted Mei as the hero of honor in this winter event, and Blizzard has listened. Word to the wise, though: If you already hate Mei, this brawl may not be for you.

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So whether you are in the midst of finals or still have to do all of your holiday shopping, it’s clearly time to stop all that nonsense and get on Overwatch. Those loot boxes aren’t going to open themselves.