What are acceptable outcomes for ‘The Process?’


The Philadelphia 76ers are currently last in the Eastern Conference as they move into the fourth year of “The Process,” the all-encompassing tanking doctrine envisioned to jolt the franchise out of mediocrity. But with no clear path to title contention in sight, what outcomes will be acceptable for the team and the cultish fans who have completely bought in? With Bryan Colangelo now calling the shots, is there a stomach for any more losing?

To help answer these questions, Max Rappaport (@maxrappaport) of The Stepover Pod joins Fastbreak Breakfast for an extended conversation regarding The Process, the Colangelo Coup, Tony Wroten and more. As a writer for Liberty Ballers and a former employee of Sixers.com, Max has plenty to say about the merits and fallacies of tanking and what the future plan should be for Philadelphia.

Also covered:

  • Joel Embiid looks to be every bit the franchise savior they’ve been waiting for, but with an extensive injury history and minute restrictions, can the 76ers depend on him when planning their roster going forward? And what is the strategy if he suffers another setback?
  • Is the development of numerous second round picks and undrafted players an overlooked result of the past several years? Without The Process, would Lavoy Allen, Jerami Grant and others still be in the NBA?
  • What possible trades for Nerlens Noel or Jahlil Okafor are most appealing?
  • How has your life been optimized since reading Sam Hinkie’s letter?

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