WWE Roadblock results: Kevin Owens vs Roman Reigns full video highlights

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A look at what happened in the main event of WWE Roadblock between Kevin Owens and Roman Reigns.

In the main event of WWE Roadblock, Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens would battle for the WWE Universal Championship. This match came together after Reigns beat Owens in a nontitle bout on Raw, which won him an opportunity to go for the brand’s top belt at the upcoming pay-per-view.

After two title changes already took place, Owens and Reigns would take to the ring to close the show. How would things result in the ending of Sunday night’s event?

The moment the bell rang, Owens ran out of the ring. When he got back into it, he backed out again. This time, though, Reigns met him and began the match. Owens eventually locked in his trademarked chinlock.

Reigns and Owens would go to ringside and clear off one of the announce tables, but quickly returned to the ring. Owens then hit a senton at ringside, which came off the steps. He eventually got a near-fall on Reigns in the ring.

After a while of KO being in control, Reigns would work back with forearms in the corner of the ring. He then got a near-fall off a Samoan drop. After Owens went for a cannonball, Reigns hit a Superman punch for a near-fall. Owens would hit a suplex off the turnbuckle for another big near-fall.

Owens went for a swanton, but missed as Reigns put his knees up. This set the Big Dog up for a spear, but the former ROH star backed out of the ring before it could happen.

As Reigns laid on the announce table, Owens went up and hit a frog splash, but it didn’t break it. Then, he went back up and hit the move again, which broke the table!

After Reigns speared Owens, Chris Jericho ran into the ring and stood there staring at both competitors. He hit a Codebreaker on Owens and caused a disqualification.

Jericho showing up here came with little surprise, but he did end the match and caused Owens to retain the belt via attacking him. The two former best friends then stood together in the middle of the ring as a way of fooling everyone. He caused an intentional disqualification, which angered Reigns as he looked on at ringside.

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We’re probably in for another round of Reigns vs. Owens, potentially on Raw or at Roadblock. What could happen next?