5 replacements for Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith

KANSAS CITY, MO - DECEMBER 18: Quarterback Alex Smith
KANSAS CITY, MO - DECEMBER 18: Quarterback Alex Smith /
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If the Kansas City Chiefs decide to move on from Alex Smith, here are five potential replacements for him in 2017. 

The Kansas City Chiefs are a very good football team. They have an excellent defense and an impressive group of skill position players. Most teams covet their overall athleticism and speed. However, despite leading the Chiefs to multiple playoff appearances, quarterback Alex Smith is starting to become a liability.

He looked especially bad in Week 15 against the Tennessee Titans, costing his team with a terrible red zone interception. Smith’s flaw has always been his arm. Up until this season, he has proven he can overcome it thanks to his game management skills. But it’s starting to cost the Chiefs, who have provided Smith with a variety of weapons. If they want to win the Super Bowl, they must move on from him. Here are five likely replacements for Alex Smith, who could be cut this offseason.

5. Nick Foles

Sometimes the best solution to a problem is the simplest one. Should the Chiefs follow the logic of Occam’s Razor, replacing Smith with Nick Foles is the right move. It would be a seamless transition and wouldn’t require Kansas City to have to pay a premium for a quarterback.

There are other reasons to believe Foles could replace Smith. The best one is head coach Andy Reid knows the backup quarterback quite well and has a track record of success with him. Foles has a much better arm than Smith and could take advantage of the Chiefs’ various speed options.

Kansas City could pick up his $10.75 million club option for 2017, knowing unless they want to risk having to draft a QB in the first round, he might be the most cost efficient option. Chiefs and Eagles fans know how much Reid loves familiarity. So Foles makes a lot of sense for Kansas City.