Nintendo Switch may be more powerful than we think


Like most recent Nintendo home consoles, we’re led to believe that the Nintendo Switch won’t be very powerful. We might be wrong.

Nintendo arguably made the most powerful consoles around back when the Nintendo 64 was released. But since then, the Big N lost that reputation. For example, the Nintendo Wii and Wii U were both inferior to their competition when it comes to performance. The games were extremely fun, though, and quite a few were visually stunning.

Since the announcement of the Nintendo Switch, we were never really convinced that the new home console/ handheld hybrid would be very powerful. But as of right now, we may be wrong.

In a recent rumor reported by Digital Trends, it looks like the Switch is much more powerful than we initially thought. It’s doubtful that it’ll be on par with the recently released PS4 Pro or the Xbox’s Project Scorpio. But it’ll hold its own.

Wall Street Journal’s Takashi Mochizuki released a tweet with the following information:

Rumor has it that the Switch’s resolution and performance will downscale slightly when in handheld/portable mode.

This isn’t a surprise. We already had an idea that the Switch would be much more powerful when placed on the dock. Still, when in handheld mode, it looks impressive when you compare it to previous handheld consoles.

However, a Nintendo Insider, Emily Rogers, disagreed with this statement:

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So far, we can’t say who we believe until everything is official. A full, extensive reveal of the console is only a few weeks away. It’s just hard not to speculate about it, especially since we know so little. Regardless, it’s all very exciting, and we can’t wait for the live presentation on January 12, 2017.