Clemson’s Mike Williams makes circus catch look easy (Video)

Clemson wide receiver Mike Williams used his size to go up and over Ohio State defensive cornerback Denzel Ward with ease.

With Mike Williams healthy and back in the fold, the Clemson Tigers have their favorite target for Deshaun Watson. They made sure to target him early against the Ohio State Buckeyes in the Fiesta Bowl on New Year’s Eve.

Using his massive size to their advantage, Williams was able to get complete control over Ohio State cornerback Denzel Ward early and often. As Williams went to make a difficult circus catch down the sideline, he was able to go up and over Ward to make the catch.

There’s a reason that Williams is considered one of the top receiver prospects heading into the NFL Draft. He’s able to make plays like this and has tremendous control with his body. The way he’s able to smoothly transition down the field and make tough catches like this is why the Tigers have a big advantage over opposing defenses.

The Buckeyes failed to get a spark early as they missed two field goals while the Tigers didn’t miss on their chances. The big reason they were able to get into scoring position early was because of the passes to Williams.

He’s not an easy guy to guard and Ward certainly had his work cut out for him early. Then again, there aren’t too many defensive backs in the nation that can match up physically with Williams in a one-on-one setting.