Brock Osweiler will start for Texans against Raiders

The Houston Texans will have Brock Osweiler as their starting quarterback against the Oakland Raiders in the Wild Card round

It seems to be an annual tradition for the Houston Texans to lose their starting quarterback as the postseason approaches. Except this time, it won’t be T.J. Yates replacing him. Tom Savage suffered a concussion, keeping him out for their Wild Card round game against the Oakland Raiders. So the Texans will turn to Brock Osweiler instead.

Connor Cook will be playing for the Raiders. This might be the worst playoff quarterback matchup of all-time. Cook is the first quarterback in modern history to make his first NFL start in the postseason. Meanwhile, Osweiler already has fans wanting him to be cut and the ink is barely even dry on the contract he signed during the offseason.

While Osweiler has postseason success, it’s worth noting it came with the Denver Broncos. He won the Super Bowl with them, but he hasn’t done much to suggest he was anything more than a product of their system. In 15 games this year (14 starts), Osweiler threw for 2,957 passing yards. While he threw for 15 touchdowns, he also threw 16 interceptions, completing just 59 percent of his passes.

Osweiler signed a four year deal during the offseason. He has a $19 million cap hit in 2017, though after 2017, he can be cut with the Texans not losing much money. The Texans will likely have to turn to their running game early and often against the Raiders. Of course, as bad as Osweiler has been, nobody knows how good (or bad) Cook is.

The Raiders and Texans will play on Saturday starting at 4:35 p.m. ET. Back in November, Oakland beat Houston 27-20. Of course, this was with Derek Carr healthy. So it’s anyone’s game now.