Tim Beck to Texas rumors is music to Buckeyes fan’s ears

Ohio State’s Tim Beck is headed to Texas to be the sole offensive coordinator, per the report from Horns Digest.

The Tim Beck experience at Ohio State could be over and done with. Per a report from Texas Longhorns website Horns Digest, Beck will head to Texas to become the offensive coordinator.

Beck will ironically serve under former Ohio State offensive coordinator Tom Herman, who led a high-powered offense there for three years.

The sources said Beck, 50, will run Herman’s offense at Texas – just as Applewhite ran Herman’s offense at UH (serving as the lone offensive coordinator, calling plays, running the offense in practice, etc.), and that once Herman lays out the offensive philosophy and principles – Beck will be in full charge of the offense while serving as QB coach. Of course, Herman would be involved in adjustments to game plans and on game days, sources said.

If the report holds weight, it will be the conclusion of a long, overwhelming journey for the Buckeyes. Not since Joe Bauserman was quarterback has a Buckeye been under more duress than those under Beck.

By the way, if you’re not sure who Bauserman is, just look at this clip below:


Beck has not only served as the Buckeyes co-offensive coordinator but also as their quarterback coach. Since his implementation into the offense, the passing attack has declined. Starting quarterback J.T. Barrett’s completion percentage in 2016 dropped 1.8 points since 2015, and 3.2 points since 2014. In 2014, Barrett spearheaded the most balanced offense under Meyer. But, that was with Tom Herman as the OC.

Head coach Urban Meyer witnessed the full regression versus Clemson Saturday night. Beck saw it, too, which is probably why his name is linked to Texas — he might need to jump ship.

An Urban Meyer based offense objective is to wear down the defense while spreading it out with fast, quick receivers. A primary reason the offense didn’t live up to its billing since Beck’s arrival in 2015 is mainly due to lack of a passing attack. While the offensive line woes were there this season, issues with the passing game/playcalling were there last season, too.

It may be best for all parties involved if Beck leaves for Texas.