Mike Florio destroys Joe Buck for his hot take on Boat Gate

Joe Buck made a big deal out of a non-story in the New York Giants’ Boat Gate, and Mike Florio rightly chewed him out for it.

Before the New York Giants played the Green Bay Packers in Wild Card Weekend, Odell Beckham snapped a picture of his teammates on board a yacht. While it was a bit odd to see them travelling to Miami when they were supposed to be practicing and getting ready for a cold-climate game, it’s also become the biggest non-story of these playoffs.

Odell Beckham is a special talent, and has been an MVP candidate this year. But he still has a lot of detractors, and Boat Gate saw them come out of the woodworks. One of those detractors was apparently Joe Buck, who chalked up Beckham’s pedestrian outing to his Miami trip. Anyone with a brain knows that wasn’t the case, but give Mike Florio credit for saying what was on everybody’s mind:

Joe Buck’s not the only guilty party here. Troy Aikman was criticizing Beckham for that too, which is hilarious, considering his teammate Michael Irvin’s questionable history. But Buck’s a professional, and he should know better than to give credence to a non-story like this.

This pretty much sums up why everyone hates Joe Buck, except for the fans of teams he’s biased towards. Beckham, however, did bring this upon himself by putting up a poor performance in the wake of that picture. Had he scored multiple touchdowns and had a 100-yard game, it’s unlikely that Buck would’ve been criticizing him. But when he fields multiple questions about it, at least he’ll take the focus away from his team’s poor performance.

This Mike Florio response is just further proof of why he’s the gift that keeps on giving. The only thing that would make it better is if he’s actually able to end Buck’s career.