Clemson’s Ben Boulware gives passionate post-game speech (Video)

Clemson linebacker Ben Boulware gave a fiery and passionate speech during the team’s CFP National Championship ceremony.

Ben Boulware has the reputation for being fiery and wild with his words at times. This may be why Clemson had him draw back what he said during media interviews before the College Football Playoff National Championship game. He gave short answers or cliches during these sessions, which did not seem like the normal Boulware that always had energy.

On Monday night, the senior linebacker’s Tigers would walk out of Raymond James Stadium with the CFP National Championship. They did so by defeating Alabama, 35-31, in a game that turned out to be a thriller in the final quarter with touchdowns being scored left and right.

Afterward, some of Clemson’s top players were interviewed by ESPN, including Deshaun Watson and head coach Dabo Swinney. Boulware would also receive the microphone and give perhaps the most passionate speech of them all. He would give a shout out to the past Tigers that came through the program and said this title would be for them, not only the ones who stepped on the field on Monday night:

This speech represented the emotions that Clemson is feeling. It also shows how much they wanted to do this for the Clemson teams of the past that were always good, but could not finish the job by getting to this moment.

However, in 2017, they accomplished their goal of winning it all by topping a team that many assumed to be the best in college football.

Ben Boulware and Clemson will now celebrate this title win into the night and for however long they choose to before next season. It is a moment frozen in time for the football program that has all the momentum in the world right now.