Donkey Kong 64 players just found a new secret

Still from Donkey Kong 64 opening title. Image via Nintendo/Rare.
Still from Donkey Kong 64 opening title. Image via Nintendo/Rare. /

Put your hands together (if you want to clap), because Donkey Kong 64 apparently still has things hidden in it after all this time.

It’s perfectly possible to blame Donkey Kong 64 for killing that staple of the late ’90s and early 2000s: the collect-a-thon. Even the developers of A Hat in Time has cited it as the killer, and Polygon wrote that it committed “platforming sins” in its headline for the same article. Apparently, however, players have not collected everything in the game just yet.

Well, that may have changed. According to our sister site, App Trigger, yet another hidden item has been found: another rainbow banana coin. To make a long story short, rainbow coins provide in-game currency to all five playable characters. They don’t have a collective banana coin bank. (We’re sure you’re starting to see how this could have spiraled horribly out of control.)

Here’s video:

Additionally, Isotarge, a speedrunner, confirmed to App Trigger that the coin can be found in Fungi Forest.

In other words, those trying to set records must now account for this hidden coin, which hasn’t been documented before in 17 years. Looks like the developers were bigger, stronger, and faster too — at least until now.

Since coins do count as collectibles for complete runs, gamers will now have to add in extra time to snag this rainbow coin. Unlike golden bananas, regular bananas (which also have five types, with 100 bananas for each Kong per level), and other collectibles, the set number of coins isn’t actually given in game. (Isotarge noted in another tweet that there are now 977 coins to collect.)

To celebrate, here’s the “DK Rap,” in all its glorious late ’90s format:

To again quote: “If you know the words, you can join in too”.

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Good luck, speedrunners, and may the bananas be ever in your favor.