The Replay: Russell Westbrook’s All Star snub


Is anyone in the NBA hotter this year than Russell Westbrook? He is single-handedly torching the league on every dimension while carrying the Oklahoma city Thunder on his back to the playoffs. Last night against the Cavs, he logged his 26th triple double. This weekend, he takes on Kevin Durant and the Warriors in Oklahoma City.

Despite all of this, Westbrook was not voted a starter in this month’s All-Star game. This is likely a result of what the New York Times has dubbed “The Misunderstood Genius of Russell Westbrook.”

Westbrook is bold and brooding in everything from his dunks to his outfits. He often refuses to talk to the media and taunts opponents after a big shot. This clearly turns off some fans who prefer the more jovial Steph Curry, but to Al, Westbrook is perfect.

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On this week’s episode, El and Al discuss all things Westbrook. We do not claim to be unbiased on this topic. As Al said, “If Westbrook is Donald Trump, I am Sean Hannity.” What we lack in objectivity, however, we make up for in obscure knowledge of Westbrook.

Did you know that Westbrook’s wife Nina wore Vera Wang to their wedding? Were you aware that they are expecting a child? Or that Russ once bought a pregnant reporter a fancy stroller? We have answers to all the questions you never needed or wanted answered about the Thunder Star.

When it comes down to it y’all, Russ is just asking for one simple thing. Don’t hate the brodie. The Replay is asking you to grant him this request in 2017. After all, why not?!

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