Charles Oakley’s “lifetime” ban from Madison Square Garden is already over

The lifetime ban on Charles Oakley at Madison Square Garden has reportedly been lifted.

Lifetime bans just aren’t what they used to be, are they?

The Associated Press is reporting that not even four days after the New York Knicks owner James Dolan hit former star Charles Oakley with a lifetime ban following an altercation at Madison Square Garden this past Wednesday, that ban has now been lifted.

Oakley, who played for the Knicks from 1988-98 and became one of the most beloved stars in franchise history, got into an altercation during last Wednesday night’s game between New York and the Los Angeles Clippers. The 1994 All-Star was confronted by security, which he then shoved, before being ushered out of the arena.

Oakley was placed under arrest and charged with three counts of misdemeanor assault and one count of misdemeanor trespassing. Dolan would later insinuate that Oakley had a problem with alcohol abuse, a claim that Oakley vehemently continues to deny. The lifetime ban was implemented on Friday but support for Oakley loomed large and longtime Knicks supporter Spike Lee wore an Oakley jersey to the team’s game against the Spurs on Sunday.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver then got involved, meeting with both Dolan and Oakley on Monday at NBA Headquarters with Michael Jordan. Silver stated that both sides were apologetic about their respective roles in the incident and that Dolan hoped that Oakley would be his personal guest at Madison Square Garden very soon.

The Knicks’ next home game isn’t until February 25 against the Philadelphia 76ers. Do you think Oakley will be in attendance and we can finally put this thing to bed?