Boomer Esiason likes idea of Alex Smith playing for New York Jets


The former Jets signal caller threw out an interesting solution this weekend to solve Gang Green’s QB woes.

With free agency just a few weeks away, we have hit the time for prime offseason speculation in the NFL. Just about any possibility is fair game at this point, and Boomer Esiason recently threw out an intriguing one. Best known as an analyst on The NFL Today on CBS, Esiason proposed that the New York Jets best answer might be current Kansas City quarterback Alex Smith.

For those of you who are mightily confused, Smith is not a free agent and is still expected to be under center for KC in 2017. However, rumors have caught steam of late that Cowboys QB Tony Romo would like to play for Coach Andy Reid and the Chiefs. If Romo were to sport an arrowhead on his helmet next season, Esiason feels the Jets should hotly pursue Alex Smith. His argument was the potential fit: “He can handle the crap if he has to. He would be a very steady influence and somebody who is in the midst of his prime. And he knows the West Coast offense. I’m assuming that’s what [new offensive coordinator] Johnny Morton is going to be running? ” (

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Now, Boomer acknowledged that Smith was not going to excite a lot of Jets fans. But he made it clear they should be more than willing to accept Smith if he became available: “He’s just cautious, he’s a cautious player. He’s a smart player. And you know what? If Ryan Fitzpatrick were a little bit more cautious last year, they wouldn’t have lost as many games as they did.” Preach.

Obviously, there are a lot of dominoes that need to fall here, but the potential fit does make sense. While the Chiefs are trying to take that next step, Smith could help the Jets take A step in the right direction.