2017 NCAA Tournament bracket

The 2017 NCAA Tournament bracket is set with the 68 teams that will compete for the National Championship in men’s college basketball

Though we aren’t even three months into the year, no time will come close to matching the excitement of March Madness. It’s the best annual bet every year as the tournament in men’s college basketball is the pinnacle of excitement and joy when it comes to sports. The last step in the process to get there happened on Sunday with the announcement of the 2017 NCAA Tournament bracket and the 68-team field.

If there’s one thing that we’ve seen throughout the season, it’s been that any team can beat another on any given night. Even the elite teams in college basketball have had their moments where they’ve been down. Subsequently, it was near impossible to predict both seeding in the 2017 NCAA Tournament bracket and it’ll be just as hard trying to fill it out.

Coming into Sunday, there were many people confident that they knew the four teams that would be the No. 1 seeds in the 2017 NCAA Tournament bracket. However, there was no way to know for sure. Ultimately, they were revealed to be the Villanova Wildcats in the East Region, North Carolina Tar Heels in the South Region, Kansas Jayhawks in the Midwest Region and Gonzaga Bulldogs in the West Region.

Meanwhile, the First Four games were also announced. Those matchups will include: 16 Mount St. Mary’s vs. 16 New Orleans (East Region), 11 Providence vs. 11 USC (East Region), 16 NC Central vs. 16 UC Davis (Midwest Region), 11 Kansas State vs. 11 Wake Forest (South Region).

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But who could these four No. 1 seeds potentially face as they make a run through March Madness? Let’s take a look at the full 2017 NCAA Tournament bracket now that it’s been revealed on Selection Sunday:

Entering the season, the Duke Blue Devils were the favorites to win it all and rightfully so given their level of talent. However, they stumbled in the middle of the year. They peaked at the right time, though, winning the ACC Tournament and now are one of the favorites once again as a No. 2 seed. Of course, teams like their rivals, the North Carolina Tar Heels, and the defending champs, the Villanova Wildcats, will have plenty to say about that—among other. Regardless, just be sure to soak it all in and enjoy March Madness.