DC teases summer plans with Snyder, Capullo and Lee at Fan Expo Dallas

Image courtesy of DC Entertainment
Image courtesy of DC Entertainment /

DC Comics is getting ready to reveal something big the first weekend of April.

One of the most interesting things about the current comics industry is that big news can be announced in any number of ways and at all kinds of venues. It sounds like attendees at Fan Expo Dallas might get a literal front row seat for what DC Comics has up its sleeve involving some of its biggest characters and most popular creators.

Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo, who have already worked their magic together on Batman, are preparing to revisit the Dark Knight. And it sounds like there’s even more to it than simply getting the band back together, as the duo will be joined by DC Publisher Jim Lee for what is only being called the  DC COMICS: SPECIAL EVENT panel on April 2.

The panel will be moderated by Lee’s fellow Publisher Dan DiDio and live streamed to the world via Facebook Live on both the DC and Batman Facebook pages. Al the other details are being kept under wraps until the panel begins at 2 p.m. EDT/11 a.m. Pacific that Sunday.

After delivering memorable arcs like “Death of the Family” and “Superheavy” during their Batman run, Snyder and Capullo went their separate ways to work on other projects (though Snyder has kept writing Batman stories in All-Star Batman with a variety of artists). They’ve long said they would reunite when the time was right, and whatever DC is announcing would seem to be that moment.

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Considering that DC’s press release hinted that the Special Event panel would “reveal the event of the summer” and “share more details about DC’s new summer blockbuster publishing plans,” this feels like an announcement of something more than just another run on one book. Start your speculating now, but be sure not to miss whatever comes out of Fan Expo Dallas in just a few weeks.