Best match from every WWE WrestleMania event in history

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WrestleMania III

Randy Savage vs. Ricky Steamboat

I still believe to this day that the main event match for the title involving Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant is the biggest match in pro wrestling history. And as much as I want to put that match in this spot, I just can’t. The reason why is because Randy Savage and Ricky Steamboat put on an absolute clinic that many people still believe to be the best match in WrestleMania history. So seeing as how this was the most influential WrestleMania, it has to go in this spot.

For one, the buildup to this match was superb. Steamboat was becoming a bigger and bigger star and wanted a match for the Macho Man’s Intercontinental Championship but Randy wasn’t having it and beat the tar out of The Dragon for even thinking it. In one of the better assaults of the 80s, Savage repeatedly took aim at Steamboat’s throat on the guardrail, and later with the ringbell, which caused him to be out of action for months. He returned on an episode of Saturday Night’s Main Event (I really miss that show) to save George “The Animal” Steele from a similar attack and that match for WrestleMania III was on.

This match had everything a wrestling fan could ever want, and unlike so many of those old matches, still holds up when you watch it today. Back and forth they went with so many great maneuvers and the choreography of this match was flawless. It’s been said that Savage was adamant about putting together every single segment of this match and his attention to detail was well worth it. There were more than 20 near falls in this match and a ref bump to boot. And the great thing about this is that there wasn’t a fancy finish. Savage picked up Steamboat to slam him and actually accomplished that, but The Dragon held onto him and rolled the champion up to get the 1-2-3. Epic ending to a classic match.