WrestleMania 33 rumors: Undertaker-Roman Reigns to close the show?


If you are grimacing about the prospect of the Goldberg-Brock Lesnar as the last match at WrestleMania on Sunday, you may be in luck.

It’s funny how, even though WWE tries hard to present it otherwise, there can really only be one main event at WrestleMania each year. In other words, only one match can be the last one on the card, the one that sends fans home happy (hopefully).

Despite the fact that it’s likely to be short and maybe not so great, it appeared the Universal Championship Match between Goldberg and Brock Lesnar was going to have that spot on the WrestleMania 33 slate for Orlando. Yet even if that was the plan, Dave Meltzer says that is probably not going to be the case come Sunday.

On a recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio (with a h/t to WrestleZone), Meltzer said that Undertaker-Roman Reigns is what fans will probably see last when WrestleMania 33 winds to a close. It’s certainly not written in stone, but even the fact that it’s being rumored suggests that WWE minds from Vince McMahon on down aren’t sold on Goldberg-Lesnar finishing the biggest event of the year.

That’s a legitimate concern since Goldberg hasn’t done much in his current WWE stint and isn’t happy doing what little he’s had to do. Even if he’s dropping the belt to Lesnar, which is what most observers expect, it’s probably going to be in a short and not very sweet encounter.

Even at the Undertaker’s age, his track record at WrestleMania suggests he will pull out every stop to deliver the best performance possible, and whatever you think of Reigns, he’s going to be very motivated to match that work ethic. The only issue with them going on last is that there’s no title at stake, which makes the belts look a little less important, but the WWE is skilled at bringing them back to the forefront after situations like this.

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And yes, a Reigns victory to close out the show would not be too popular, but it could turn him into a mega-heal to start the next WWE calendar year, and that would have value too. In any case, just remember that next time you hear a wrestler talking about main eventing WrestleMania, the whole “card subject to change” thing couldn’t apply more to the actual main event. We’ll see how it plays out Sunday night.