Xbox Scorpio specs to be revealed on Thursday

Still from Xbox Project Scorpio reveal trailer; image courtesy of Xbox.
Still from Xbox Project Scorpio reveal trailer; image courtesy of Xbox. /

It looks like Digital Foundry will be revealing the Xbox Scorpio this Thursday on Eurogamer, granting gamers everywhere a first look before E3 2017.

Since the announcement of Project Scorpio at Microsoft’s Xbox E3 Briefing last year, we haven’t heard much about the new console. We do know Microsoft is claiming it to be extremely powerful, and upon release, it’ll be the most powerful in the gaming market. With a reveal on Thursday looming, it seems like we should learn more about the specs.

Digital Foundry has confirmed on Twitter that it will officially be revealing Xbox Scorpio. As of right now, we aren’t sure if this is the final name for the console, but that’s what they’re labeling it. The reveal will take place on Eurogamer.

Microsoft already has a date set for its press conference at E3 2017. However, it did confirm that we would be seeing and learning more about the console prior to E3. So we’re thinking this is it. It’s highly unlikely that we’ll be seeing a ton of gameplay footage. Don’t be surprised if they do demo a game just to showcase how powerful the console is, though.

It’s no secret that the Xbox One is struggling very hard, especially when it comes to exclusive content. Other than the Halo and Gears of War series, it’s hard to think of other first-party titles. They had two others in the works, but those were canceled. One of them was Scalebound, which was shaping up to be a ton of fun.

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Microsoft needs to go all out on their new console ifit wants to win some fans back.

Be sure to tune into Eurogamer on Thursday at 9 AM ET for the official reveal.