NHL teams get NFL jerseys from designer

A graphic designer gave each NHL team an NFL inspired look. 

NHL sweaters are famous for being among the best among all of professional sports. However, they have a very unique look to them. Some looks might look good on hockey players, but not on football players. Jimmy Nutini, a graphic designer who works for the clothing design company Teespring, gave each hockey team an NFL inspired look.

Some of them are outstanding. The Montreal Canadiens look is probably the best. It’s hard to screw up their color scheme. Plus, Nutini does a great job focusing on the little details. Each team gets an NFL logo on their chest. He changes their logo slightly to reflect that they’re a football team instead of a hockey team. Also, Nutini keeps the french for the Canadiens home uniform, which is a very nice touch.

The Nashville Predators have a very nice one as well. Their gold works surprisingly well.

On the other hand, some teams just weren’t meant to have football uniforms. The Colorado Avalanche, for example, have too many colors going on to make it work. And their primary maroon isn’t a great color by itself, so that won’t work. The Columbus Blue Jackets look is nice on a hockey jersey, but doesn’t work out on a football jersey.

Meanwhile, the Dallas Stars have a decent uniform, but it looks way too much like the New York Jets’ look. That’s probably not good for their future. But to be fair, much like the Jets can’t find a quarterback, the Stars can’t find a goaltender. So maybe their similarities are appropriate.

Some of the best and more unique ones are pictured below. Here’s a link to each team’s design.

Which one of the designs is your favorite one? It should come as no surprise most of the Original Six teams got a nice design. They have the best jerseys in the NHL and their schemes are simple enough to work on a football uniform.