The Bulls and Bucks are unstoppable like we all predicted (no seriously we called it)

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Despite recent, unfortunate breaking news (pun intended), the Chicago Bulls have positioned themselves to pull of a rather shocking first round upset over the Boston Celtics. Although honestly it’s not THAT shocking if you are a listener of Fastbreak Breakfast, where resident gambling maven Jon Burr (@masterjonburr) predicted not only the Bulls over Celtics, he also put his money on the Bucks taking down the Raptors. So can these upstart underdogs hold on and pull off the series win? If they do, how does that change the future for Boston and Toronto?

Also covered on the latest episode of Fastbreak Breakfast:

  • 5:00 Which is more common: Grizzlies watch parties in Nashville, or Predators watch parties in Memphis?
  • 12:00 After two difficult playoff games, why are so many people bailing on their “Russell Westbrook for MVP” arguments?
  • 15:30 Are NBA coaches too obsessed with stretch fours, AKA why is everyone so terrified of Ryan Anderson?
  • 27:00 Reviewing the numerous “Take That For Data!” t-shirt designs already in circulation
  • 30:30 Where should Carmelo Anthony play next season? What about Kristaps Porzingis??
  • 37:45 A question taken from Twitter: who finishes with more career playoff victories, David Blatt or Brad Stevens?
  • 40:00 How many players would you rather have than Jimmy Butler to build around?
  • 45:00 Can the Hawks get back in their series against the Wizards? If not, what is the path for Atlanta going forward?

Stick around for a tacked-on Grizzlies Epilogue recorded after Game 3 of San Antonio/Memphis.

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