DeShone Kizer has a Jack Link’s sponsored Sasquatch suit for the NFL Draft (Photo)

Former Notre Dame quarterback DeShone Kizer may already have taken home the award for best dressed at the NFL Draft

The NFL Draft is upon us here on this Thursday night, as we get set to learn where some of the best college football players of the last few years will begin their professional journeys in the NFL. The NFL Draft also annually gives us a glimpse into which of these players know how to arrive to a big event in style, as we see some pretty flashy outfits from time to time.

Well for the 2017 NFL Draft, it’s gonna be might difficult to top what former Notre Dame quarterback DeShone Kizer will be wearing when he arrives on the scene to see where he will be playing under center next.

Just a few hours prior to the draft getting started, Kizer revealed that he will not only be sporting a colorful lilac jacket, but the real coup is actually what’s inside the jacket. You see, Kizer’s attire for Thursday night is actually sponsored by Jack Link’s, which of course means that the notable Sasquatch has to be involved somewhere.

Now that’s … well, that’s certainly something new that will get everyone talking not only before the festivities get started in Philly on Thursday, but definitely for a few days after.

What you can also see from the tweet there, though, is that this isn’t just a case of Kizer wanting to be flashy with a Sasquatch on the inside of his top. No, this was actually a nice trade that ends up sending money to a good cause, which there is never anything wrong with at all.

So be on the lookout for this glorious suit jacket tonight!