NFL Draft 2017: Reuben Foster hung up on Saints call

Reuben Foster hangs up on the New Orleans Saints to answer phone call from the San Francisco 49ers

This year’s first round of the NFL Draft has been one of the most exciting in recent memory. It was filled with trades, confusion, and a whole lot of drama. The 49ers’ Reuben Foster reportedly found himself in an interesting predicament at the end of the first round.

Apparently, Foster received a call from the New Orleans Saints who had acquired the 32nd pick in the draft from the New England Patriots in a trade for receiver Brandin Cooks. This was prior to the Seahawks making a pick at No. 31.  The Saints had given him a call and said they we’re going to select him. They were going through all of the motions, talking to Foster and his family, and then the strangest thing happens.

Sure enough, the 49ers traded up with the Seahawks to make their way into the first round to draft Reuben Foster. They moved from the 31st pick from the 34th pick.

According to 49ers GM John Lynch, Reuben was under the impression that the Saints we’re picking him.

“When I was talking to him, he said, ‘Coach, New Orleans is taking me.'”

Lynch responded.

“No, we’re taking you.”

Apparently, Foster had no idea that the 49ers had traded up ahead of the Saints to select him. In fact, asLynch had to explain it to him.

Ultimately, the Saints ended up picking Wisconsin offensive tackle Ryan Ramczyk.  The Saints reportedly highly coveted both Patrick Mahomes II and Reuben Foster. But these trades seemed to have swept their feet out from under them.

As for the 49ers, new general manager John Lynch seems to be off to a hot start. Acquiring draft picks in a trade with the Bears and two stud defenders in Solomon Thomas and Reuben Foster. They are off to the races in rebuilding what used to be one of the most fearsome defenses in the NFL.