Fergie Jenkins explains why steroid users should not be in the Hall of Fame


Fergie Jenkins discusses Adam Jones reaction to hearing the ‘N’ word, the Chicago Cubs chances to repeat, and whether steroid users should be in the Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame pitcher Fergie Jenkins stopped by FanSided armed with his 2016 World Series championship ring. Jenkins discussed a variety of topics including the racial taunts that Adam Jones heard in Boston. Jenkins played in Boston, but never heard the “N” word there.

"“I heard it in the minor leagues, my career was in the south. I never heard it in the big leagues. I played two years in Boston, never heard it. I was focused to play the game, Adam Jones should be focused. He shouldn’t let one fan throw him off his game and then when you go to the media you lose all control. If I heard it in the outfield I would walk to the infield, if I heard it on the mound I would block it out.”"

Jenkins played 19 seasons in the big leagues. He threw over 200 innings 13 times, five times over 300. How did he do it?

"“It really depends on what type of shape you are in. I ran all the time. I threw batting practice between starts. The lower half of my body was always strong. I never had an arm problem.”"

Jenkins was a pitching coach for the Cubs when Sammy Sosa was starting to make a name for himself that would grow much bigger. He does not think Sammy, or other alleged steroid users should be allowed in the Hall of Fame.

"“That are a lot of clouds over Sammy’s name along with a lot of other players. If you need chemicals to make you better, I think everyone notices that. Steroids have been a black mark on baseball.”"

Asked if he would vote for any of the steroid users  “Not really.”

As for this year’s Cubs team, Jenkins is optimistic,

"“When they hit, I don’t think there is anyone that can beat this club.”"

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