Mookie Betts’ 8 RBI day: 8 reasons he should be your new favorite

TORONTO, ON - JUNE 30: Mookie Betts
TORONTO, ON - JUNE 30: Mookie Betts /

Mookie Betts drove in 8 RBI’s out of the leadoff spot for the Red Sox in Toronto. As Boston sits in first-place, let’s celebrate Mookie’s historic performance.

Mookie Betts was robbed of the AL MVP a year ago and he clearly had a chip on his shoulder heading into today. As the calendar hits July, Betts decided to remind everyone why he is still one of the best players in baseball. As the Red Sox attempted to sweep the Blue Jays in a three-game series, Betts lead the way in route to a 15-1 win. Mookie Betts has officially proclaimed war in Toronto in dramatic fashion.

1. Did somebody say Nomar?

Betts, 24, becomes the second player in Red Sox history with multiple 8 RBI games. The other being Nomar Garciaparra. If you’re being held in the same light as Nomar Garciaparra, that wins No. 1 in my book.

2. Mookie is criminally underpaid

Mookie is one of the best young players in baseball and currently, plays on a minuscule $556,000 contract. The value that Betts provides is simply unfair based on his earnings. After a slow start to his season, Betts is up to a .286 average and 15 home runs. With Mookie seeming to heat up heading into the inevitable All-Star break, he looks like he can catch his .318 average and 31 homers he hit in 2016.

3. He did something no other Red Sox leadoff hitter has done

In the 15-1 win over the Blue Jays, Betts smacked 4 hits, including two home runs and eight RBI’s. Those eight RBI’s were the most ever by a Red Sox player out of the leadoff spot.

4. Mookie helps make up one of the best outfields in baseball

The Triple-B’s in the outfield (Betts, Jackie Bradley, Andrew Benintendi) make up the best outfield in baseball.

5. A hot glove to match a hot bat

You Betts believe (yeah I did it, so what) in Mookie’s defensive ability as well. He led the MLB in defensive runs saved in 2016 with 32. He also posted a 2.8 defensive War which only proves why he should have been MVP a year ago. Boston only wishes they got Mookie’s defensive efforts at third base.

6. He bowls like a boss

The Nashville native is also a terrific bowler. He is a professional and has thrown a perfect game in the past. The question is what can’t Betts do?

7. Mookie is the Salt Bae of baseball

How about the fact he does the ‘Salt Bae’ every time he gets a hit.

8. Of course, his name is Mookie

For a sport that loves whacky names like Dizzy Dean, Catfish Hunter and Mordecai ‘Three Finger’ Brown, Cookie is a damn winner.

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Regardless Mookie Betts is one of the most polarizing players in Major League Baseball. There’s more than just eight reasons to love him but we’ll have to wait until the next time he slaps in an insane amount of runs to continue.