Nick Young probably hates the 2016 version of himself for joining Warriors

MIAMI, FL - DECEMBER 22: Nick Young
MIAMI, FL - DECEMBER 22: Nick Young /

Tons of athletes have some bad tweets about their new team deep down in their Twitter feeds, but this Nick Young tweet is still pretty funny.

Sure, he’s no Kevin Durant, but Nick Young joining the Golden State Warriors is still a solid signing in this year’s free agency.

The former Los Angeles Lakers point guard won’t have to move far from the Staples Center as he makes his way to the Oracle, but Swaggy P may not be happy about the change in his fanbase that comes with the new deal he just signed. Or, at least, his 2016 self may not be pleased.

In the latest case of an athlete having funny tweets about their new homes dug up during free agency, Young apparently doesn’t like Warriors fans, and took a knock at their basketball IQ in a tweet last year.

With how outspoken and crazy Swaggy P is, it’s not surprising this is out there. However, you may not want to spell the word “don’t” wrong when insulting someone’s intelligence, even if it’s just when you’re talking about basketball smarts.

Luckily for Young, he’s not the only one on the Warriors roster right now with some contradictory, unlucky tweets that got dug up when they signed with the team. Last year, when Durant made the decision to join the Warriors and chase a title rather than returning to the Oklahoma City Thunder, a tweet about super teams and the league not being competitive anymore from when the Miami Heat formed their “Big Three” came up on everyone’s feeds.

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At this point, the tweets never seem to matter anymore, and teams obviously don’t care about how their newest acquisitions used to feel about their new homes. However, it’ll be interesting to see how the Warriors fans react to the opinion now that Young finds himself on their own roster.