NBA Trade Rumors: Rockets pursuing Carmelo Anthony after James Harden extension

HOUSTON, TX - DECEMBER 31: Carmelo Anthony
HOUSTON, TX - DECEMBER 31: Carmelo Anthony /

As if they’re not good enough with Chris Paul signed and James Harden locked up on a brand new extension, the Rockets are now looking to add Carmelo Anthony.

The Houston Rockets made a big splash in the NBA offseason on Saturday on someone who isn’t even a free agent. James Harden signed a huge contract extension to become the highest paid player in the league. Now, with that taken care of, it looks like they’re ready to form a “Big Three” of their own by pursuing Carmelo Anthony.

Anthony is currently locked in with the New York Knicks with a no-trade clause, but it’s been reported in the past by ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski that the NBA All-Star would be willing to waive the clause if he was heading to the Cleveland Cavaliers or the Rockets.

Now, according to Wojnarowski, the Rockets are looking at the possibility of adding Anthony to their already-loaded roster, especially with the Harden deal now official.

The cap room likely isn’t there at this point for the deal to be made easily for Anthony, and the Rockets would have to either clear some serious space or make their players in the trade match up with Anthony’s salary to even have a chance at making it work.

However, a lineup with Harden, Paul and Anthony would propel them instantly into contending in the Western Conference, and they’d become a serious threat to the Golden State Warriors.

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The biggest question outside of cap space is likely how the three would share the ball together, as each has played the role as floor general for their respective teams over the last few years. Harden has become the main guy in Houston, Paul has led the offense for the Los Angeles Clippers and New Orleans Hornets, and Anthony has dominated each team he’s been on between the Knicks and the Denver Nuggets.

It’d be interesting to see how the three play together if a deal does get done, but there’s obviously a lot of front office work to be completed first before that discussion even truly begins.