MLB Trade Deadline 2017: 5 best spots for Mike Trout

NEW YORK - MAY 21: Mike Trout
NEW YORK - MAY 21: Mike Trout /
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MIAMI, FL – MAY 28: Mike Trout
MIAMI, FL – MAY 28: Mike Trout /

Philadelphia Phillies

NL, East

While the Houston Astros and the Los Angeles Dodgers have clearly separated themselves from the pack in a good way in their respective leagues, the Philadelphia Phillies are straight up awful at baseball this year. The Phillies are the only team in baseball that didn’t win 30 games before the All-Star Break. This team needs a major facelift, if anything.

However, the Phillies are in a weird group with another team like the San Francisco Giants where they are bad, likely a seller at the trade deadline, but wouldn’t rule out landing a star before July 31 to hopefully spark a change in play for next season. Trout grew up Millville, New Jersey, essentially in metropolitan Philadelphia. Could he play for the ‘hometown’ Phillies?

It’s unlikely that the Phillies even have the assets to put together a package to trade for Trout, but he’s the type of player a struggling organization like Philadelphia can shamelessly go all-in for. Citizens Bank Park is a hitters’ park that would help improve Trout’s already impressive numbers at the plate. You can’t overlook the potential savior component he’d bring to the team.

Would adding Trout make the Phillies the second best team in the NL East behind the Washington Nationals next year? Probably not, as the Atlanta Braves are close to ending their rebuild, the New York Mets can’t be this bad next year and the Miami Marlins have a deeper roster than we think. However, Trout on the Phillies gives this team great star power.