Joel Embiid will surely wear Big Baller Brand shoes … for $1 billion

You can get Joel Embiid to throw on some Big Baller Brand shoes, but it’s gonna cost you a pretty penny to get him to do so.

In the immortal words of former WWF/E Superstar “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase, “Everyone’s got a price.” Well, in a way, you could say this rings true in regards to Philadelphia 76ers star Joel Embiid and his beef with Big Baller Brand head honcho, LaVar Ball.

These two have been jawing at one another for a bit now, leading you to safely assume Embiid would never, ever be caught dead in a pair of Big Baller Brand kicks. He would never wear shoes on the court that would directly support his arch-nemesis at the moment.

Well, that’s not exactly the case. Embiid will throw on a pair, of course, if he’s paid rather handsomely. How handsomely? He told TMZ that he’d don the shoes … for the low, low price of $1 billion.

Yes, folks, that was some more trolling from Embiid there. Although, like the rest of us, “The Process” would definitely throw on the shoes for $1 billion, but that’s not happening.

Really, we’re a little more interested in the other question the TMZ reporter asked prior to brining the Ball family into this. Why doesn’t No. 1 pick Markelle Fultz smile in pictures? I myself have never really taken notice, but now that it was brought up, the kid rarely does crack a smile in pictures. Embiid basically explained that’s how his boy is, but it’s still a little odd and something else to keep an eye on.

Nevertheless, the big takeaway here is there’s a chance –albeit a near non-existent one — that we could get Embiid in a pair of those sweet ZO2’s … for about as much as a pair cost, basically.