Madden 18 releases QB ratings

FOXBORO, MA - JANUARY 22: Tom Brady /

Tom Brady tops the list of Madden 18 quarterbacks, something of a complete non-shock to all of us.

It’s that time of the year again; football is right around the corner and teams reporting to camp.  The perfect time to talk camp battles and Madden ratings.

Lucky for us, EA has been slowly rolling out the ratings of players five at a time, starting first with the rookies and now diving into the quarterbacks. While the list offers little surprises it is nice to see where the quarterbacks stack up going into the Madden year.

With the news earlier this summer of Tom Brady being the cover athlete and editions being released under the title GOAT, it is no surprise to see the Patriots signal-caller with the highest possible rating of 99. This is a jump up from last year when Brady started as a 94 and the second-highest-rated QB in the game, and finishing in that same position with a rating of 96 overall.

Aaron Rodgers is next on the list, a drop from his top QB position at the launch of Madden 17.  Rodgers is still ranked a 98 which represent a two-point bump from last year’s launch and a one-point increase from the end of the ’17 season. Anyone who’s ever played with Rodgers know that he is one of the few quarterbacks who can throw from anywhere. This is exemplified with the highest-rated throw on the run rating in the game.

Rodgers is followed by the NFL’s leading passer last year in almost every statistical measure, Matt Ryan. Ryan comes in at a 96 overall. This will certainly be one of the biggest jumps as Ryan improved 12 overall points from his 84 rating that kicked off last season.  By the end of his fantastic season his rating was at a 95 overall.

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Drew Brees is the fourth-highest rated QB and is a staple in the top five QBs in Madden year in and year out. He also shares a 99 awareness rating with Tom Brady, a very important measure for QBs in the game. Look out for the Saints offense when you jump into the game and have to play against Brees and that passing attack.

The list is rounded out by Ben Roethlisberger and a 91 overall rating. Ben was a top-five QB at the launch of last year’s game as well. His overall rating took a small bump down from the launch of Madden 17 but he finished last season at the same overall rating.