LeBron James entertains as coach of son’s AAU team (Video)

(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images) /

The NBA’s best player is spending his offseason working on his coaching skills.

LeBron James was in Las Vegas this week coaching his 12-year-old son LeBron James Jr.’s AAU team. And it looks like he had a good time. James traded his headband for a clipboard and the reigns of the North Coast Blue Chips at the Big Foot Hoops Las Vegas Classic.

Giving more credence to the ‘Coach LeBron’ moniker, the King brought his trademark intensity to the court, barking at the youngsters and directing traffic as his son’s team attempted to topple the Oakland Soldiers.

At one point, James lifted one of his players like a ragdoll and shook him in celebration after hitting a fadeaway three while drawing the foul. It was a nice change of scenery for LeBron who is currently embroiled in a he-said, he-didn’t-said controversy regarding teammate Kyrie Irving’s reported trade request from the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Earlier this week, LeBron reportedly hosted a workout between new teammate Derrick Rose and fellow Rich Paul client (and floated trade centerpiece) Eric Bledsoe in Sin City. But with all eyes on him, with many wondering what the future holds for the turbulent Cavaliers, LeBron blocked out the alleged drama and put family first.

And LeBron looked pretty darn cool doing it.

Overtime posted highlights of Coach LeBron in action with the title, LeBron James Is The COOLEST DAD EVER! Watching LeBron run up and down the floor while imparting his knowledge to some young hoopers, we tend to agree with that statement.

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Unfortunately, James took a loss in his coaching debut, but the display showed promise.

As LeBron’s NBA future looks uncertain beyond this season, it’s nice to see he has a fallback option when his playing career starts to wind down.

Whenever that may be.