Jerome Williams is still dunking, BIG3 style


The Junk Yard Dog is enjoying being back on the court while looking back at his years in the NBA and playing with all-time dunker Vince Carter

Jerome Williams, aka The Junk Yard Dog, has been enjoying himself playing BIG3 basketball for the Power squad. JYD is getting to the rim for some “power” dunks while diving for loose balls making the dog pound proud.

Williams still has some fire left in the tank along with those hops to the rim on display. “I dwindled the flame, but I didn’t put it all the way out,” Williams explained. “Did take it down a notch to spend time with my family and to learn the ins and out of the NBA front office with the Knicks. I did some TV and started my own company. When the BIG3 came, I said I know I’ve got a little bit of juice left for the dog pound.”

JYD started his career in Detroit learning the ropes from Bad Boy Rick Mahorn on a veteran Piston team. The “dog pound” truly emerged when Williams was traded to Toronto.

“Toronto is where the dog pound took off,” Williams said. “I had a chance to play with Vinsanity  (Vince Carter) and got the furthest in my career in the playoffs with Raptors.”

JYD could get up and throw down, dunking on Shawn Bradley and Dikembe Mutombo amongst others. Watching Vince Carter do his work was a special treat for Williams. “When you say Vinsanity, you are comparing him to the greats, Dr. J, Michael Jordan and Dominique Wilkins,” Williams exclaimed.

“My favorite dunk was when he caught an alley oop windmill off the backboard, he was looking down on the rim. It was so crazy.”

Williams will be in Las Vegas for the BIG3 championship game August 26. JCPenney will outfit him in a personalized suit for the red carpet, meaning JYD will be looking smooth for his dog pound fans.