5 teams that should be interested in signing Dwyane Wade

BOSTON, MA - APRIL 16: Dwyane Wade
BOSTON, MA - APRIL 16: Dwyane Wade /
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3. Chris Paul and the Houston Rockets

The Rockets would be the best possible destination for Wade if he was interested in winning now. Daryl Morey, the Rockets GM, is not afraid to get creative in acquiring talent. He also showed that he is not worried about player fit. The Chris Paul trade with the Clippers proves both those points.

Wade would have to be willing to take a drastic reduction in role to play alongside two of the most ball-dominant players in the league. Paul and MVP-candidate James Harden love to have the ball in their hands, but they are also masterful creators not afraid to find the open man.

This would take some cap maneuvering from the Rockets, unless Wade is willing to take a drastic pay cut. Wade will likely reach a big buyout figure with the Bulls and could be willing to play for much less because of it.

Wade joining the Rockets would give them more ammunition against the defending champion Warriors. He also would be able to share the floor with either Harden or Paul when one of the two lead creators sit.

Wade has shown a passion for winning since his arrival in Miami. However, the Western Conference is stacked. It is clearly the tougher of two paths to the NBA Finals. If he is interested in winning outside of the teams already mentioned, an unorthodox team is next on the list that offers that chance.