Top five puzzling picks for the NBA 2K18 All-Time rosters

DALLAS, TX - MAY 19: Kevin Durant
DALLAS, TX - MAY 19: Kevin Durant /
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BOSTON, MA – MAY 15: Isaiah Thomas
BOSTON, MA – MAY 15: Isaiah Thomas /

4. Otto Porter, Washington Wizards

In July Otto Porter received a four-year deal worth $104 million from Washington after the Wizards matched Brooklyn’s max offer sheet. Time will tell whether he’s worth that kind of money or not, but at the very least Porter is good player that has vastly improved during his four seasons in the NBA. Having competent wing players is a must in today’s NBA. Porter is a great shooter and while his defense is often shaky, he’s competent enough to play big minutes on the wing. At this point, he’s not a game-changer and he doesn’t really project to be in the future.

Porter is still young though. If he stays on the Wizards for the full duration of his four-year deal and the team has major success during that time he might eventually be worthy of a spot on the All-Time team. The Wizards have long, albeit tortured history. They made the Finals three times in the 1970s and the All-Time squad should feature more guys from that era. Right now, the Wizards have many guys that are ahead of him in the pecking order. For example, Phil Chenier started at the two spot for Washington’s 1975 Finals team that lost to the Warriors and played in the All-Star Game that year. Porter still has a ways to go.