Top five puzzling picks for the NBA 2K18 All-Time rosters

DALLAS, TX - MAY 19: Kevin Durant
DALLAS, TX - MAY 19: Kevin Durant /
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DALLAS, TX – MAY 19: Kevin Durant
DALLAS, TX – MAY 19: Kevin Durant /

2. Brendan Haywood, Dallas Mavericks

If the most famous play of your career is Kevin Durant viciously dunking on your head during the Western Conference Finals, you probably shouldn’t be on any All-Time squads. Brendan Haywood really shouldn’t be anywhere near this roster.

Haywood had a solid career, starting at the five spot for a few Wizards playoff teams and later thriving off the bench during Dallas’ epic championship run in 2011. I understand wanting to commemorate that championship team, but Haywood was playing 18 minutes per game for that squad (per Basketball-Reference). He wasn’t exactly one of their most important players, nor was he some sort of beloved cult hero that resonate with the fan base. He was just a decent bench guy that played in Dallas for three seasons.

A few obvious replacement candidates come to mind that meant much more to the Mavericks franchise than Haywood. How about Josh Howard and Devin Harris? Both of those guys played on the 2006 Finals team and then started for the 2007 Mavs team that won 67 games! The 2011 team has other guys that could replace Haywood as well, with Shawn Marion being the best choice. Marion was a much bigger contributor on the 2011 team and also played in Dallas much longer than Haywood did. At least he’ll always have 2011!