Boston Red Sox caught using Apple Watch to steal signs against Yankees

BOSTON, MA - AUGUST 25: Red Sox players Andrew Benintendi
BOSTON, MA - AUGUST 25: Red Sox players Andrew Benintendi /

The Boston Red Sox took it one step too far in their stealing of signs against the New York Yankees.

The Boston Red Sox were caught using an Apple Watch to steal the signs of the New York Yankees and using them to their advantage, according to Michael Schmidt of the New York Times.

This scandal dates back to two weeks ago when Yankees general manager Brian Cashman filed a complaint with Major League Baseball’s commissioner’s office.

The Yankees have long been suspicious that Red Sox players and personnel have been stealing signs during games taking place in Boston at Fenway Park.

The Red Sox training staff involved with the incident have admitted to cheating and say that it had been going on for several weeks.

MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred has made no statement on how the investigation will proceed and if there will be any penalties.

To be clear, stealing signs is not uncommon in baseball. However, using electronic devices to do so pushes the boundaries of what is acceptable. Using an Apple Watch allows players to relay signals quicker, giving them an instant advantage when it comes to knowing the type of pitch coming to the batter. Usually, a runner at second base can see the catcher signaling to the pitcher and gives hint to his teammate, the batter.

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As of Tuesday, September 5, the Red Sox lead the Yankees by 2.5 games in the race for the top spot in the American League East. Whoever loses the division will surely earn a Wild Card berth into the playoffs.

During their last series in Boston, which took place from August 18-20, the Red Sox won two of three games. This could put a damper on any success the Red Sox have as the post season comes around soon.