Tarik Cohen makes entire Falcons defense miss (Video)

CHICAGO, IL - AUGUST 31: Tarik Cohen
CHICAGO, IL - AUGUST 31: Tarik Cohen /

The Falcons ended their year with embarrassment last season, and it looks like they’re starting with some in 2017, courtesy of Tarik Cohen and the Bears.

The Chicago Bears have a lot of young talent to work with to start the 2017 season, and it looks like they struck gold in the backfield with rookie running back Tarik Cohen.

With Jeremy Langford no longer a part of the rushing corps for the Bears, Cohen stepped in to fill the hole left after Langford’s departure, and it looks like the move is paying off and will continue to do so in Chicago.

Late in the second quarter of the team’s season opener at home against the Atlanta Falcons, Cohen decided to take on basically the entire Falcons defense by myself, and put pretty much everyone on skates with his speed and some nifty moves in the process.

Cohen stopped on a dime in a move LeSean McCoy would be proud of, making three Bears defenders miss in the process and bringing one to his knees, as well. As if that wasn’t enough, he split through two more defenders with some serious speed, avoided a brief stumble and bolted ahead for more yards before finally being taken to the ground.

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While it may just be a quick flash and a lot of hype surrounding the rookie, the Bears and their fans will surely have to hope that Cohen can keep it up with his moves in the backfield, although they may prefer that he uses his speed to run straight rather than risk losing yards going backwards and sideways.

Either way, it has to be embarrassing for the Falcons defense to fall apart in the Super Bowl seven months ago, and continue to struggle to start the new season after a solid year last season.