Every NBA team’s greatest shooter of all time

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We take a look at the history of each NBA franchise and find their greatest shooter of all time.

With the NBA moving towards a “pace and space” style of play more players are starting to expand their game to behind the 3-point line. It wasn’t until recently that players 6-foot-9 and taller needed to have perimeter games.

However, even though playing beyond the arc might be more en vogue now, the 3-pointer has been part of the game dating back to 1979. Before that, some players were still prolific scorers from outside the paint.

For each fan base there’s that one player that no matter where the shot was taken from, they always believed that it would end up in the bottom of the net. From 3-point marksmen, to mid-range assassins and everything in between, there’s one player that stands out above the rest.

In the following slides you will be presented with an argument for who is the greatest shooter of all time for each of the 30 NBA franchises. For the sake of this piece, no player was able to be used more than once (sorry Ray Allen!). Yet, the names to come represent some of the 30 of the best shooters to ever lace up in the NBA.

You’ll see a few names of players still on the court today, some players who became fan favorites, and some legends that will be remembered forever.

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