Deshaun Watson torches Bengals for 49-yard TD run (Video)

CINCINNATI, OH - SEPTEMBER 14: Deshaun Watson /

Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson scrambles his way through the Bengals defense for a 49-yard touchdown run.

In what was looking to be a quiet, and defense oriented game, Deshaun Watson was looking to change that. With about a minute left in the first half, Watson dropped back for a pass but his offensive line quickly collapsed around him. Watson looked to be in trouble for a second, before he made a quick move and turned the afterburners on.

He ran up the middle of the field to begin his run, and quickly evaded tacklers as he ran down the right side line, and worked his way back up the middle into the end zone. Watson of course received some great blocking from his tight ends and receivers down the field, but he executed the play exceptionally well and followed them to the promised land.

It was the first turning point in the game, and broke a 3-3 tie to help get Houston on top at the half. Watson had struggled in the first half passing the ball, but as many have mentioned before, his ability to create plays with his legs sets him apart from most quarterbacks.

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His passing ability will only get better as he gets acclimated to his teammates and the playbook, but you cannot teach his great running ability. Hopefully the second half of this game is as action-packed as the last minute of the first half was. Whether the Texans hold on and win this game or not, it sure looks like Watson has silenced at least a few doubters who believed he wasn’t ready to be his teams starting quarterback. Let’s be honest, though, Tom Savage never really stood a chance in this battle.