4 NFL teams that need to sign Colin Kaepernick: Week 2

TAMPA, FL - SEPTEMBER 17: Quarterback Mike Glennon
TAMPA, FL - SEPTEMBER 17: Quarterback Mike Glennon /
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Colin Kaepernick remains unemployed, but there are a handful of NFL teams that should probably double back and sign him.

Every week this football season, someone on Twitter is going to point out that any number of quarterbacks turned in a worse week than Colin Kaepernick would have had. For some teams, as the season wears the idea of signing Kaerpernick starts to look less stupid and starts to be the difference between competing as hard as you can and falling short out of negligence.

This isn’t to say Kaepernick is a savior. He won’t come in and turn a team’s fortunes around. But there are specific situations in which he makes a lot of sense. Whether it’s saving your season or just changing things up, these teams should go back and reconsider their anti-Kaepernick stance after Week 2.

4. Minnesota Vikings

Current Quarterback: Case Keenum (20/37, 167yds, 0 TD)

Sam Bradford won’t always come out and deal the way he did in Week 1, but his worst game is better than whatever Case Keenum did on Sunday in Pittsburgh. The Vikings defense is one of the best units in football, but they can’t score points all the time. One thing that plagued the team during the downhill tumble last season was poor offensive play and suspect quarterback performance.

As good as it looked against the Saints, the Vikings offense was anemic at best against the Steelers (see: a real NFL defense). Part of that was no one on the Steelers defense thought much of Keenum and his lack of mobility.

Kaepernick has questionable accuracy but being able to move around in the pocket and extend plays could benefit Stefon Diggs and Adam Theilen. Imagine being a defense and trying to decipher whether the read-option will be Kaepernick on the move or Dalvin Cook.

Kaepernick might not turn back the clock to 1998 in Minnesota, but the offense would be much better off with him under center as opposed to Keenum. If you’re a Vikings fan who needs more convincing that Keenum isn’t going to be the right band-aid while Bradford is out, move to Wisconsin.